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    Strange Data Behaviour



      Strange Data Behaviour


           Morning All

           I have a System Preferences Database.  Written in FMa 12.03 on a Mac.  The file is hosted on a PC using FMSa 12.04.

           The Preferences contain data which is used system wide for corporate ID.  As you can see from the attached screenshot, there is a single record, with a dozen global fields. The preferences table is not linked to any other table

           If any of this data is updated, for example a new phone number, the system appears to behave normally.  However if I exit FM and login again, the data reverts to its original.

           Any ideas


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               Sorry I don't see your data.  I see a Layout and Fields List in your screenshot.

               But I will guess....

               Global fields can be changed by other clients on a Server.


               From Help...
          If your file is shared, only the host's changes to global field data are saved. Changes are saved only when the file is closed.
               Note: There is no "single record" using globals.
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                 Hi Jim

                 The data is what you would expect to see. This file is hosted by my client.  Only he and I have access priviledges and he is not cureently logged in. So i suspect that there is no way for somebody else to be changing the data, even in advertently.  Reference to this data in the systems which use it are via the insert>>megre field function.  I've checked and as far I as I can see, no other layout has access for data entry.

                 Am I right in thinking that your 'from help' statement is that you have to be logged in locally at the host to change global fields? ie clinets are unable to change global fields?




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                   Try this discussion which has some nice links by DavidAnders and a drawn out discussion on Globals

              Global Storage

                   But i think this is your answer...

                   That the HOST is "king" so to speak.  So you can't change Globals from a Remote client.  Globals are actually treated as "locals" for the client and changes disappear when the client goes down.

                   The discussion link above may help you solve your issue.


                   PS: Ignore the field names I used with the small "g" in front, it has a specific meaning to the forum that i was not properly using.  It means Storage Option like yours are.  I meant it as not stored in the main records.angel