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Strange Drop Down Behavior

Question asked by RonCates on Dec 30, 2010
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Strange Drop Down Behavior


Hi All. I have a database with an invoicing system. On the invoice layout I have a status field with a dropdown list. Every once in a while ( days or weeks in between ) on only one of the 8 PCs we are running filemaker on, that drop down will go a little crazy. When the user clicks into the field it drops down and instantly closes back up without any way of making a selection. The PC in question is a Dell Vostro 400 running windows XP SP3. We are running FM Server with 5 FMP10 clients and 3 FMP11 clients.

The field does have both an on object enter, and an on object modify script trigger. I have been through the associated scripts and can not find any reason for the behavior. The first time it happenned was probably close to a year ago and in the last year it has happenned maybe a couple dozen times but in all cases it is just the one pc doing it. When it happens the user closes Filemaker and reopens and everything is fine.

Any Ideas?