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Strange error causing doubled-up text and graphics.

Question asked by kleblanc65 on Feb 17, 2010
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Strange error causing doubled-up text and graphics.


Here is the error:


FM 10 error

The problem occurs when the menu bar at the top is removed and replaced using any of the buttons. The software developer has no clue. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. This is a program that I install every quarter due to updates. It always involved uninstalling and reinstalling. I manually delete all the files after it is uninstalled. It makes no difference. this issue has never happened with any of the previous versions. If I change from Form view to List view it clears, but comes back as soon as a query is run, or if the size is changed.

I am not a front page guy, I am the system engineer on site.

system specs:

operating system Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 5.1.2600 service pack 3.0
System Information BIOS version 786G2 v01.09
processor Intel Pentium III Xeon processor version x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 current speed 3060 MHz cache size 3072 KB
memory Maximum capacity 4.00 GB Installed memory 4.00 GB