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Strange error dialog (FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 for MacOS X)

Question asked by JeffFair on Feb 28, 2014
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Strange error dialog (FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 for MacOS X)


     Sometimes, I get a really odd (odd to me) dialog. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to when it appears. I am using MacOS X 10.6.8,  which should be perfectly fine for this version of FMP Advanced, as I know a number of people who use it with older versions of the system without any problem. Most of the time I use AppleScript, as I can often do what I want with AppleScript alone. At this point I would appreciate if anyone can get me going in the right direction as far as what may be causing this problem.

     I can't really can't figure out any sort of pattern to what state the system is in etc, when it occurs. Anyone have a general idea of what kind of things bring up such a dialog? 

     It appears that the image of the dialog I was referring to may not be visible to the forum. The exact text of the dialog is:

     Data is being accessed by another user, script, or transaction.