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    Strange error dialog (FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 for MacOS X)



      Strange error dialog (FileMaker Pro Advanced 9 for MacOS X)


           Sometimes, I get a really odd (odd to me) dialog. There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to when it appears. I am using MacOS X 10.6.8,  which should be perfectly fine for this version of FMP Advanced, as I know a number of people who use it with older versions of the system without any problem. Most of the time I use AppleScript, as I can often do what I want with AppleScript alone. At this point I would appreciate if anyone can get me going in the right direction as far as what may be causing this problem.

           I can't really can't figure out any sort of pattern to what state the system is in etc, when it occurs. Anyone have a general idea of what kind of things bring up such a dialog? 

           It appears that the image of the dialog I was referring to may not be visible to the forum. The exact text of the dialog is:

           Data is being accessed by another user, script, or transaction.


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               Are you running an applescript at the time you get this error message?

               Is this a database that is hosted over a network so that other users may be accessing the database at the same time that you are?

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                 Sometimes there's a delay between when an image file is uploaded and when it appears in the forum post. I can see the image from here when I open this thread and could from the beginning.

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                   Thanks PhilModJunk,

                   On your advice, here is the previous message, as a post instead of a private message:


              The one instance I recall where this occurs is where I gather text data from one database, go to a second, and try to place the various data in specified fields. I do this all on a local computer. The frustrating part of it is that sometimes it is successful and others, I get this disturbing message.

              By the way, I believe that when this message appears, it is always when I am running an AppleScript. I am pretty accomplished with AppleScript and 90 + percent of the time I can make things run fine after a little work. This one baffles me, though, because, as I said this particular script works most of the time. Why no consistency ?

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                     I would be very surprised if you got this message without running an applescript as it is not a standard FileMaker Error message that I recognize.

                     First some nuts and bolts info that you may already know:

                     All databases that can be accessed by more than one user at a time have to manage how data is modified when two or more users access the same record at the same time. FileMaker allows the first user or script to open the record for editing and then locks out all attempts from other scripts and users to modify that record until the record is committed back to the database. Not only does the commit records step commit the changes, clicking a layout background or a script that does certain other actions like changing layouts or sorting records will commit records even though no explicit script step was used to commit the data.

                     To compound the complexity here, you are using Applescripts to modify data. Applescripts are executed asynchronously so a FileMaker script that performs an applescript will proceed to the next script without waiting for the Applescript to complete.

                     So best guess is that your AppleScript is returning this error message because it attempted to modify a record that was open for editing by someone or something else. If there are other users who have the database open, they need only pull up the same record and put the cursor in a field to open that record and lock it against other users.

                     But as the wording of your error message indicates, it could also be that some other apple or filemaker script is trying to modify the record at the same time as the applescript that you executed and this also could trigger an "edit lock" type error message such as you report here.

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                       I think what you told me may help me pin down the problem. It is a rather long script, so I guess I won't take up your time posting it here until, at least , I have exhausted my own investigation, or have a concrete question to narrow things down.

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                         You are welcome to post that script should it be necessary, but as I don't currently own a Mac and haven't touched Applescripts in years, I won't be able to help you with the specifics of such a script. But other forum participants may be able to help you.