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Strange Excel Import Behaviour

Question asked by PetterDerhaag on Jul 17, 2015
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Strange Excel Import Behaviour


Hello Everyone, 

This is my first post, if someone could help me I'd be very grateful.

For a client of ours I'm building a database which imports a number of Client-IDs. These come in the form of strings with either only digits (9/10 of them to be exact) e.g. 0123456789. Another possibility is that these come as 0X12345678, with 'X' being either letter from A-Z. All of the strings (so either only digits or with a letter added) import correctly, except for either combination starting with '0E...', these import resulting in '?'. Meaning (as far as I know), that Filemaker can't recognize the string. The filetype I'm importing from is 'XLSX'; I've already established that the problem does not occur if I save the file as 'XLS'. However, manually re-saving every file is not a long term solution, because the import has to occur regularly, for multiple users. Moreover, I'd like the process to be automated. I have already tried to change the format of the field in which excels saves the data; either plain text, numbers etc, does not make a difference.

Does anyone recognize this specific issue? It has occured for me using FM Pro (Advanced) 13 and 14, so this does not seem to be a version issue.

Unfortunately, I've also found no other location or people who are experiencing this issue. 

If anything is unclear, please ask away, I'd be happy to provide any other info, to help me resolve it.

Petter Derhaag

Edited to Add: If I manually add a space between '0 and E' it imports the full string (with the <space> added). If I add the space before the full string it does not import correctly and if I add it after '0E' it also imports correctly. To clarify:
"<space>0E..." --> NO Success
"0<space>E..." --> Success
"0E<space>..." --> Success