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Strange experience trying to order

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2014
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Strange experience trying to order



I placed an order through the Filemaker store a few days ago. The order seemed to process fine, but about an hour later got an email saying there was a problem with the order, and would I call a number -- 800-425-2747 -- to fix things. They didn't say what the problem was, and didn't give an email address that I could use.

Well, I called seventeen times in three days and EVERY time got a recorded message saying they were glad I called but nobody was available and could I try again another time.

Has anyone ever had success in getting a human being at that number? The issue's now moot -- I just got an email saying my order had been cancelled because of whatever the problem was -- and I suppose there's no strong reason for me to move from FM 12 to FM 13 anyway. But I am curious about what seems to be an amazingly difficult and incomprehensible order process.