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strange find/sort behaviour

Question asked by katrin on Aug 20, 2009
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strange find/sort behaviour




a few weeks ago Filemaker started this strange behaviour (it worked for over a year before that, no changes were made in that area afaik):


Filemaker Version: 9.0v3

Scenario: We have a school student database where the grades are defined as custom value list. Some of the values are PS1, K1, 01, 11 (the actual list is longer, but for my problem, these are the relevant values)


Now here the problem: 

When I do a 'find grade =PS1' Filemaker returns not only the record with grade = PS1, but also all students that are in grade PS1, K1 or 01. But not the ones with grade = 11.  What I would expect are only those records where grade = PS1.  


As mentioned above this used to work and this behavior started a few months ago.This other thing that started happening, is that those recods are not sorted properly anymore. It almost looks like Filemaker can not distinguish between 'PS1', K1, and 01 anymore.


Does anybody have any clues for me what could be going on? I think I have been looking at it for too long and would appreceate a fresh opinion.


Thanx a million!