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    Strange Form Behavior



      Strange Form Behavior


      First, I have auto save turned off...for several reasons.

      When I am in the form view entering data the form prompts me to save if I accidentally click on the background rather than a field.  Any way to turn this off?



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          There's a work around to keep FileMaker from attempting to commit the record when you click the layout background.

          Put an empty invisible web viewer on you layout. Size it to cover the entire body of your layout and put it behind all your other layout objects. This object will intercept any mouse clicks so that they do not trigger the undesirable "commit".

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            Thanks Phil.  I added the web viewer set it to the back, but I am sill having the issue.

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              It's worked for me any number of times.

              Please describe exactly what you are doing to get the save dialog to pop up.

              Are you clicking a part of the layout covered by the web viewer?

              Are you clicking in the layout body or in another part of the layout such as the header or footer?

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                First, I am using tabs, which might be an issue with this solution.

                Basically, I created a web view on the page, deleted the contents and sent it to the back.

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                  The tab control shouldn't be an issue. I hadn't tried this trick with a layout that includes tabs, but a quick test shows that simply switching tabs does not trigger the save dialog.

                  Is there a portal on the tab where you are editing data?

                  Any chance that you are tripping a script trigger that includes steps that will try to commit the record?

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                    After your last comment I decided to check my tab and I don't think the fields are actuall assigned to the tab. I am somewhat new to Filemager (about 3 days) an coming from a programming background I find the developement environment not ber intuitive.  That said, how do you assigne a field to a tab?

                    Thanks again.

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                      Any layout object that is placed on top of a tab and which is fully enclosed by the tab's boundaries is now "owned" by that tab. You can check this by clicking on the tab control while in layout mode and pressing the arrow keys to "nudge" the tab control around one pixel at a time. If the layout object is correctly "owned" by a tab in the control, it will move with the tab control.

                      One common "newbie" gotcha encountered when working with tab controls is that the tab control should not touch nor should it cross the boundary line separating the header from the body. If it does, move the tab control down until this is no longer the case.

                      But whether a field is part of a tab control or not should not affect whether clicking on the tab causes the record save dialog to appear...

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                        Good Catch.  I made sure that the tab was within the body.  I also had to shrink the web viewer so it was inside the tab.  It seems to be working.

                        Thanks for your help.