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Strange iMPORT behavior

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Nov 20, 2011
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Strange iMPORT behavior


I have imported a file from Excel that I need to parse out the codes some have a " in front which causes problems of its own.

Code imported = BRD3601009 Broadley Pinot Noir Claudia's 12x750 .  I have created an "AcccountCalc Field" Left (AccountCode_Imported ; 10)

the result of course "BRD3601009". my problem starts when I import the Account Calc into another Filmaker File only 8  characters of the AccountCalc import? I get BRD36010? if I go back and change to 12  "BRD3601009 B" the resulting import gives me the correct "BRD3601009" whats up with this?  Ultimately I only need the code broken out  of which some come in with qoute marks.

" YRK5001007 York Creek MXB, Zin Field Blnd 12x750"

Thanks for helping me clarify this import.