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Strange IWP graphics issue

Question asked by on Apr 18, 2012
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Strange IWP graphics issue


Good Evening,

I have an app with 2 nearly identical layouts (Goals and Goals_Edit).  They are connected to different TOs, but function identically.  They have a portal with a graphic "status flag" from a linked table.  The graphics on both layouts work perfectly on the desktop and runtime.  When I use IWP, the graphics on the "Goals" layout work great.  The graphics on the "Goals_Edit" layout appear (after zooming way in) as little red X's.  To me, this indicates that the graphic cannot be found by the browser (but I've been wrong before :).

I realize that this is way too little information to solve this mystery, but what I'm looking for are some suggestions on how to troubleshoot the issue.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!