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    Strange message from my "conditional value lists"



      Strange message from my "conditional value lists"


      Hi at all!

      I have a little problem with my conditional value lists.


      When i select a value from one of my list, FM shows me a window with this message:


      "[Name field] should only contain specific values. Would you allow the insertion of this value?"


      Then the window showed has three buttons from which I can choose: "Reset the field" "Yes" "No")


      (Message is in italian language, so I'm sorry for my "bad" translation.)


      Now the question is: what's happened? Why FM shows me that boring and annoying message every time I make a choose form list?

      How can I avoid this?


      Thank you for advices. I'm sure you can help me.


      Note: I'm using FM 9 Pro Advanced


      Thank you again!!