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Strange problem involving date format/representation

Question asked by NathanRidge on Apr 24, 2012
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Strange problem involving date format/representation


I am experiencing a strange problem related to the format/representation of dates, where on some computers the day of month is being interpreted as the month.


Here's what I have:

 - A field named "ReportDate", of type "Text", with the properties "Auto-enter" and "Calculation replaces existing value". The specified calculation is: MonthName ( Self ) & " " & Year ( Self )

 - A "Drop-down calendar" control, backed by the "ReportDate" field

Basically, this implements a calendar control where only the month and year are relevant, and the day of month is disregarded. For example, suppose someone chooses the date "April 24, 2012" using the drop-down calendar, the string "April 2012" is supposed to appear in the field.


On my computer, this works just fine. However, one of my clients is reporting that whenever they use the calendar to select a date, a different month appears in the field than the one they've selected, or sometimes a "?" appears. After going through a few examples, I discovered that the chosen month is being disregarded, and instead the chosen day of month is interpreted as the month; so, for example if they choose the 1st of any month, "January" appears; if they choose the 10th of any month, "October" appears; and if they choose a day of month that is higher than 12, a "?" appears.


Any ideas as to what might be causing this? I am using Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced.