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Strange problem with runtime solution that I've never had before...???

Question asked by AndrewAngell on Dec 16, 2010
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Strange problem with runtime solution that I've never had before...???


I've got a FM solution that I've been developing over the past few years.  I wrap it up into a runtime and I distribute it to both Windows and Mac users, which has always worked great for me.  I've released a few updated versions of the software and I've got people on all versions of Windows (98, XP, Vista, 7) using it without any problems.

On Windows I always create the runtime solution and then I would use InstallShield to create an actual installer.  Always worked great before (and the previous version still installs just fine.)

I noticed that after installing the software now with my latest release, the first time I open it up when I'm asked to change my password I end up with an error message that the file cannot be modified.  I'm forced to go into my /Program Files/software_name/ folder and manually add modify rights to the Users account on the machine.  Then it works fine.

At first, I thought it was InstallShield giving me issues but then I realized that even if I wrap the runtime files into a zip file and extract to Program Files it looses the Modify rights on the Users account.  Then I even applied the modify rights to the software folder on my desktop, then copied and pasted into Program Files, and it lost the rights again.

So then I'm thinking, ok, that must be a Windows 7 thing or something, however, the previous version of the same FM solution that was wrapped in a runtime never had this problem on Windows 7 or any other version.

The ONLY thing I can think of that's different is that I'm using FileMaker Pro 11 now instead of 9 or 10 like I was when I did this previously with the same solution.  Is there anything that changed in FM11 that would cause runtimes to act this way on Windows?  I just can't think of what would be causing this and it's driving me crazy. 

Any information on what could be causing this and possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!