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strange tabbed panel behavior (or expected behavior?)

Question asked by johnhorner on Jan 27, 2010
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strange tabbed panel behavior (or expected behavior?)


i have set up a tabbed panel with several tabs.  within each tab there is an identical portal that displays related records and allows creation of new related records.  if i am on the default tab, the buttons function as i would expect to create new related records.  the steps of the button script are:


Go to Portal Row [Select; Last]

Set Field [invoices_INVOICELINEITEMS::ItemCode; "(item code is specific to each button)"

Go to Field [Select/perform;  invoices_INVOICELINEITEMS::ItemQty]


the problem is that if i am on any of the tabbed panels exept for the default panel, when i click on one of the buttons it jumps to the default tab and then behaves erratically.  sometimes it doesn't appear to do anything except go to the "ItemQty" field in the first protal row, and sometimes it overwrites an existing record's "ItemCode" (usually in the first portal row, and not the last as desired).  is this the expected behavior?  is there a simple way to have it stay on the current tab?  i don't see any script steps like "Go to Tab" for example.  i know i can give the portal object a name and then add a "Go to Object" script step but i was wondering if there is something more "native" or built in to filemaker without resorting to custom naming of the portals on each tabbed panel.  any thoughts/ideas/tips?  thanks.