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Strange things are happening..,

Question asked by Longacre on May 12, 2010
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Strange things are happening..,


I work on Filemaker Pro 8 on a Mac.  I am only responsible for the data entry so I know very little about the program beyond that.  So, here's my problem:  I was entering in contacts as usual and went to "find" to locate one I had recently entered (in the same session).  Filemaker responds as if it finds a record, but the record comes up completely blank.  It acts like there is information in the fields, but won't let me edit the fields.  There were no changes made to the formatting, that I know of.  When I switch to the spreadsheet format, blank cells appear as if that record is there, but I am unable to see or access those fields.  Now I can't enter any new records.  THis happens every time.  Any advice?


Our  Filemaker is not on a network.  I work straight from the hard drive.  Others use the database to search for information, but I am the only one to enter data.  


Help?  Please keep questions and comments to their most base level--I'm not very technical.