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Strangest Problem

Question asked by JoeMiller on Sep 1, 2009
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Strangest Problem


Hi. I do I.T. support for a small organization that uses Filemaker Pro 7. Now I am not familiar with Filemaker at all.


The problem is that there is a numeric field in a table which displays properly on the screen, but when the record is printed, this field prints as a different numeric value than what is displayed on the screen. What is quite weird is that the number that is printed is exactly 1 character less for each digit. For example, the number displayed on the screen is 16512. The number that prints is 05401, as if 1 was subtracted from each digit in the number before printing. The other numeric values in the record print properly.


This problem popped up after installing a new printer for this user, an HP Color Laserjet CP1215. So naturally I assumed that this problem was related to the new printer. So I was shocked to find that when I connected the user's old printer, an HP Photosmart 7450, that it was still printing this number incorrectly. Yet this problem did not exist before replacing the Photosmart 7450 with the Color Laserjet CP1215. 


If anyone can shed some light on this really strange problem, I would really appreciate it.


Thanks very much.


Joe Miller