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Streamline Field Name Entry

Question asked by edocx on Feb 19, 2010
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Streamline Field Name Entry


I'm looking for a way to simply my current script so that one script can be used for many fields. The script would find and then test for which field I'm in so that one script can return a value based on the field content. As per example:


If [ (WORKORDERS::RecordComplete = "o") ]

Set Field [ WORKORDERS::RecordComplete; "x" ]


Set Field [ WORKORDERS::RecordComplete; "o" ]

End If


The script I currently have is set on a field using an invisible box which returns the default value of "box" using the wing ding font. If the field  value is "box" when the field is clicked it will return the value "x in box"...a check box.


I know their has been a lot done to make Filemaker portable any help would be greatly appreciated.