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    Streamlining Summaries



      Streamlining Summaries


           I feel like I made this database in a roundabout way, suggestions to streamline are welcome.

           I have a group of people (fixed) and I need to log hours they work as well as what type of hours those are.

           I currently have two tables
           STUDENTS which contains Name and a UID
           I have a field related by NAME with fields that contain Date, # of hours worked and type of hours work.

           To generate a report of what hours students have worked I created a layout with the following parts:

           Sub-summary by Students (leading)
           Sub-summary by Type of Hour (leading)
           Sub-summary by Type of Hour (Trailing)

           The result, while functional, is rather clunky. I want a layout that is just

           Hours worked in type X
           Hours worked in type Y
           Hours worked in type Z


           Thoughts? Thanks.