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Street Number Calculation

Question asked by RealEstateAcademy(Australia) on Oct 16, 2008
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Street Number Calculation


 I have this calculation it pulls the nmbers for me from an address field but I need it to pull more data it works fine for normal properties 6 test street or 6-8 test street but I would also like it to gather the info for addresses like 38/6-8 test street. What do I need to do to get this calculation to find the regular street numbers and the longer ones?


  Case(PatternCount(vendor_street; "/")  > 0; Right (LeftWords ( vendor_street; 1); Length ( LeftWords ( vendor_street; 1)) - Position ( LeftWords ( vendor_street; 1); "/"; 1; 1)); LeftWords(vendor_street; 1))