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    Stretching horizontally aligned (slider) buttons with window size.



      Stretching horizontally aligned (slider) buttons with window size.


           Is there anyway to have my buttons on top of a slider pane uniformly stretch (that is each one gets wider) when the window is stretched? I am using an ipad size as the basis of my design for the buttons. I am afraid though, this isn’t possible.


           This also includes fields, but again I can’t have the behaviour I want, I usually have a field in the middle I stretch, which aesthetically isn’t where it’s at.


           Having said that, if there is no other work around, I am going to use scripts here to script in going to a new layout upon a considerable change in screen dimensions. Which is possible in FM 13.


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               Yes, the new trigger is very handy for adapting a layout to changes brought about by rotating an iOS device into a new orientation. You can use Get ( WindowContentWidth ) to detect whether the device is currently oriented for landscape or portrait.

               But if you have a single button or field instead of a row of the same, you can select both left and right autosizing anchors and the button will stretch as the pop-over stretches. This fails when you have a group of objects that you want to auto-size as a group. I just made a quick test in FileMaker 13 and what I found was better than what I've gotten in earlier versions, but still not a case of "scaled autosizing" of a group. Instead, one button auto-sizes and the rest remain the same size.