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    String Comparisons



      String Comparisons


           I'm trying to compare 2 text global fields:

           VMSG::gTemp_Active = "Active"

           VMSG::gTemp_Current_Status = "Inactive"

           If (VMSG::gTemp_Active = VMSG::gTemp_Current_Status)

                Show Custom Dialog displaying the field values

           End If

           - The dialog box opens an shows the values of "Active" and "Inactive" yet they compared as equal????

           It appears that the comparison is being done on a substring.  Is that the case? How can I do an exact comparison?


           I tried setting 2 variables to the values in the global fields and doing the same comparison.  Same result.


           I tried just doing:

           If ("Active" = "Inactive")

                Custom Dialog

           End If

           No dialog box as it should be.


           What am I missing here?