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Structure question (Access to FMP12)

Question asked by GuyDavis on May 9, 2013
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Structure question (Access to FMP12)


     So... I'm an Access guy, but I have a job repairing a Filemaker database. No problem, I've been going well so far, I actually like Filemaker much better than Access...  It really is much nicer.  Most of the problems were simple (objects with the wrong association, cosmetics, needing return buttons, minor changes to scripts, etc)

     But...  Now I'm into the queries part of the repair and I'm having a structure problem...  And I think it's because I'm thinking like an Access guy and not a Filemaker guy, so I just need a little help here.

     There are a number of reports (Layouts)  that are getting their data from a table (Which I know which table they are gathering the data from), but I have no idea how it's querying the data... In Access, there would be a Query associated with the form, I could change the query and get different data on the form... but here the Layout just fires off all by itself.  I can't figure out how to find where the layout is getting its data FROM...

     There is nothing in the "Find" mode that I can see... and I have no idea how to tell if a script is running on a layout (In fact, it seems that all scripts are run by all layouts?!?  Not sure how this works).