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Structure Question: Property Management

Question asked by SkipperID on May 12, 2014


Structure Question: Property Management


     Hello to this wonderful collection of helpful people!

     Playing with the fancy FM13 here.

     I'm designing a solution for leasing land/buildings/units to clients. 

     I have a CONTRACTS Table that connects Lessee and the Property the are renting - using the One to Many (ie order details) model. 

     A lessee can lease one or more [Units] in [Building(s)] on a [Parcel] of land.
     OR, they can lease an entire [Building] including any [Units]
     OR, they can lease an entire [Parcel] including any [Buildings] or [Units]

     The attributes of each of these items are fairly similar (square footage, address, etc.) 

     I'm having trouble with the property part of the equation. 

     #1 Should I think of any Unit/Building/Parcel an ASSET, which would be attributes of the same entities - one "Assets" table. 

     #2 Should I create 3 separate tables PARCEL, BUILDING, UNIT and make a (FK) to link them all. 

     Generally, I'm going to want to pull information into similar reports regardless of what they are renting, including multiple assets on the same contract. 

     Any help would be appreciated!