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struggling with portals

Question asked by RaeCrothers on Dec 15, 2013
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struggling with portals


     A little while ago, I got some help with a timesheet table I am building. I was advised to not use repeating fields in it and instead look at portals. The table worked the way I wanted it to thanks to all the help I was given, so I left it like that. Since then, I finally found a user guide for FMP and the first thing I looked up was why not to use repeating fields. The answer (they're outdated) convinced me that I have to rethink my timesheet table from scratch. :(

     I poked around a bit and managed to get a portal between my timesheet and my project tables. But I wound up with the same problem I originally had with the table, that I need four separate project fields to avoid populating the different sections with the same data. Same problem with accounts. I can't imagine that the solution is to create four different account tables and four different project tables. I didn't build the account and project tables myself (I'm working within a third-party solution) so I want to muck with them as little as possible.

     I suspect that the answer lies in creating four timesheet tables, one for each section, and then linking them to my data entry table using portals. The four tables would have the fields for each section, with a portal to the relevant account and project fields, and then the data entry table would have a portal not directly to projects and accounts but to the section-specific project and account field? And then each timesheet entry would create a record for that day in the data entry table and also records in each of the section tables? Am I close?