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Stuck at the start.. with tables

Question asked by TomVassie on Jul 14, 2013
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Stuck at the start.. with tables


     Hello everyone, 

     I'm looking for a little help if possible please.

     We run a natural burial ground, all information has always been recorded in books and copies of word docs etc, and i need to get a good database going to store everything.

     I'm trying to resolve all the relationships to one to many relations but i'm getting stuck with a few things.

     One thing i cant wort out is our Pre Purchase information, this would be quite simple if one person pre purchased one plot, however, what happens quite often is a couple or family will come to pre purchase - lets say they decide on two plots, they may say, we don't know who is having which plot!

     At present, they have a pre purchased certificate for each plot with Pre Purchased by Mr and Mrs ..... 

     should i resolve this with a Pre Purchase table? 

     This way, one person can have many Pre Purchases (if needed)

     But this then gets confusing when it comes to the actual burial, because only one person has one grave! so should this persons information be stored in the plot table or should the plot info be stored in the customer table or should i still setup a "person buried" table even though it will only be a one to one relationship (i think)?

     If anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction that would be great!!

     Thank you.