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Stuck Layout Width (Stuck at 0px for ALL layouts)

Question asked by EricCole on Jun 17, 2014
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Stuck Layout Width (Stuck at 0px for ALL layouts)


     Hi everyone.  I've been making FM databases for several years now and have a problem that I'm totally stuck on.  

     ACTION THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM:  I just wanted to see what a layout looked like in "Landscape View" ... so I switched to Landscape in the Print Setup.  (something that I have done hundreds, if not thousands of times before)

     RESULTING PROBLEM:  My RIGHT page margin is now stuck at 0.00px for ALL of my Layouts in the entire database!  ... Literally nothing shows up in my Preview Mode ... this applies to ALL Layouts.  When I go to Preview Mode, I get the following error message:   "The combined size of the Header plus the Footer is longer than can fit on the page.  To print, first make the Header or Footer shorter or use longer paper."  ... Then, when I select "OK", the preview is blank ... There is only one little WHITE pixel in the upper left corner.  

     In this case, my Header and Footer are not "Longer" ... They just simply don't exist because my Right margin is at 0.00px.


     ATTEMPTED SOLUTIONS:  I have tried the following.

         -  Adjusting Page Margines in Layout Setup ... however, it says they must be between a value of 0.00px and 0.00px

         -  Switching to different printers in the Print Setup ... They all insist on the right margin being set to 0.00px

         -  Updating Print Drivers and Installing new Printers .... same result ... my Right page margin is stuck at 0.00px


     Attached is a screen-shot where you can see that the right margin is stuck at 0.00px