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    Stuck on Calculation field



      Stuck on Calculation field


           Hi All,
           Anyone can help me for how can i make the series like as : 
           Output should be as above from below series.
           I have one table and one calculation field. Calculation field values are :
           Condition :: I want to do through calculation functions only not script.
           Thanks in advance for your prompt reply !!!

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               I don't see any relationship explaining how your first set of values produces one of the values in the second set or did you mean the opposite? Either way I don't see any info explaining how one value produces the other.

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                 Thanks for your reply !!!

                 I am explaining from starting. I have one table that is ABC with 4 fields. One is ID field(Number Type), second is Total Field(Calculation Field), third is calc1(Calculation Field) and fourth is calc2(Calculation Field). Values of ID field, Total field, Calc1 are :

                 ID                      Total       Calc1                Calc2(?)

                 1                        450          1-450              1-5

                 2                        450          2-450              1-5

                 3                        450          3-450              1-5

                 4                        450          4-450              1-5

                 5                        450          5-450              1-5

                 6                       500           6-500              6

                 7                       600           7-600              7-8

                 8                       600           8-600              7-8

                 I need fourth field(Calc2) values using calculation field. How can i do that? (It will match Calc1 in relationship, i think but it is not working because this is the unstored calculation field.)


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                   My questions remain unanswered. I can't tell from your data how the values in the left field are supposed to produce the value in the Calc2 field. Now you've indicated that "They are related" but don't describe HOW they are related....

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                     Are the Cal2 values representing the range of ID's where the totals remain the same?

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                       I think that's it, but would prefer confirmation.

                       If that's correct, a self join could match records in the same table with the same total, but that in turn may be the problem as this won't work if "Total" is an unstored calculation.