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    Stuck on easy task



      Stuck on easy task


      Hi, Im very new to FileMaker. Im using FileMaker Pro 10.0v1 on Windows XP

      I'm trying to complete a practical which is suppose to be very easy ..im stuck on the last "button" task. Can someone please enlighten me?

      Here is the practical :

      The database will have two tables:

      Table 1

      Field Names: ID Number, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Service ID

      Table 2

      Fields Names:Service ID, Service Name, Phone


      The two tables will be linked via Service ID.


      There will be six individuals in Table 1 (create their names and job titles yourself)

      There will be three services in Table 2 (create their names and addresses yourself).

       Link two individuals to service #1, three to service #2 and one to service #3.


      There will be a portal in table 2 showing the individuals associated with each service.


      In Table 1 there will be a button to create a new individual.

      In Table 2 there will be a button to create a new service.

      In Table 2 there will be a button to link an individual to that service.

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          Howdy VanZ,


          What kind of "practical" are you trying to complete?  A practical exam for a class?  A practical test for employment consideration?  A practical review for a bonus at work?


          Not trying in any way to be a smart-alec, simply trying to be responsible... What are you asking for?

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            Do you need to link one individual to more than one service? If so, you have a many to many relationship. (You need to be able to link many individuals to many services.) This requires an additional join table that "links" your other two tables.