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Stuck on modifying fields on List view to filter etc

Question asked by VaanNeil on Mar 9, 2015
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Stuck on modifying fields on List view to filter etc


Hi everyone, here's what I'm trying to do. Under List view under Accounts I have the body set to basically be horizontal and slim, just showing name, address etc, so that when I'm in List view it lists all my accounts as expected.  In the header, I have buttons like Show All, Filter to Mine only, Filter to this or that etc.  Where I'm confused though is there has been a few times now where I've wanted something to appear or not appear in the header, but I think those details are tied to actual records.

For example, I have a button called Filter which is always visible.  Clicking it enters find mode.  I then need a way to execute that find as you can't just press Enter on WebDirect like in the FM application.  So what I thought was adding a button called Execute that only appears when in find mode.  I made a custom field called "ExecuteButtonVisible" and set it to be hidden if set to 1, visible if 0, then when clicking Filter, the script changes that field to 0 to show the execute button.  This doesn't work, and I'm guessing it is because that 1 or 0 field is actually on each account and not some master level.  So then I thought maybe a variable, and saw $$ makes it global, so I set it to make $$executebuttonvisible to 0 when entering that layout, and then when pressing the filter button the script sets variable $$executebuttonvisible to 0 and then enters find mode, but no dice here either it never appears.

Just wondering what the proper method is for doing global things in the header of a list view like that.  Hope that makes sense!