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    Stuck on script



      Stuck on script



           I've got a script to go to the previous (next) record.

           The field's got the validation option "required".

           I'd like to get the following:

           When a user accidentally create a blanc new  record and then try to go to the previous record, a dialog shows up saying something like that -  "This field should not be empty. Fill or delete the whole record" .

           There should be 2 options:

           1) Go back to the record to fill;

           2) Delete the whole record.

           I know it's simple, but stucked.

           Any help?



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               Hi Sergey

               When user click previous buttom that time write script for checking this record is empty.if this record is empty then show dialog message with two button ,one for fill the record and second for delete record.
               show custom dialog(1 for fill data,2 for delete data)
               halt script
               delete record
               end if
               end if

               Ritesh Gupta
               Mindfire Solutions

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                 Thank you, Ritesh