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Stuck on script step - HELP!

Question asked by on Jun 18, 2014
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Stuck on script step - HELP!


     After digging and trying and digging some more, finally found a way to send a quasi-automatic email when a new record is entered, using a script run from the server.  But something is missing and I'd LOVE some help.

     In our project request database, we want to:

     - find records that are not closed (closed is indicated as yes in Complete field)

     - of those, find records Submitted by "webadmin" which have nothing in the Auto email sent field

     - send email through SMTP to each of these saying we got your request

     - also enter the current date in Auto email sent field


     This script was created in FM Pro and is running from a schedule on the FM Server.

Perform Find [ Restore ] [ Specified Find Requests: Omit Records ; Criteria: Marketing Jobs::Complete : “@@@” ]


Constrain Found Set [ Restore ] [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records ; Criteria: Marketing Jobs::Auto email sent : “=” AND Marketing Jobs::Submitted by : “webadmin” ]


Send Mail [ Send via SMTP Server ; No dialog; Multiple Messages ; To: Marketing Jobs::Email; Subject: "Marketing & Communications Request confirmation"; Message: "Thank you for using our Marketing & Communications request system. Your marketing request will be reviewed by a member of the Marketing and Communications Team and you will be contacted within 3 business days for further action. We look forward to speaking with you soon!"; Name: "Marketing & Communications"; Email Address: "";  Reply-To Address: ""; SMTP Server: ""; Port: 25; Authentication Type: None ]


Insert Current Date [ Select ; Marketing Jobs::Auto email sent ]


     All is working exactly correctly EXCEPT the last part, which means that the same emails are being sent over and over since the Insert date is never filled in. 

     When I run the same script from FM Pro rather than the FM Server, the currently open record gets the insert current date completed, but none of the others.


     It is only my own email box filling up for the moment, but we can't go live until this is resolved.  Why is the Insert Current Date not being completed?

     Please advise if there is a better way.

     BTW in version 13 for both Pro and Server.