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    Student assignments and attendance



      Student assignments and attendance



      I am wondering whether I can achieve the following with Filemaker Pro and have it work on the iPad version as well.  I usually program in Delphi and could program it to do this reasonably easily with Firebird or a number of other database structures.  

      I am a teacher and I wish to keep track of student attendance, assignments and assessment.  I have a student table with details of all my students.  I have an assignments table with details of all my assignments for each class.  I have a class table which lists the members of each class.  I have contact with 201 students so I have to automate as much of this as possible.

      I want to add a button or macro or script of some sort that adds a record to an "assessment" table for each student in the class.  These records are linked to each student so that I can enter comments and scores for each student's assignment.  These comments and scores are linked to the individual student.

      I believe this is called a master/detail or one-to-many relationship.

      So, my questions are this.

      1. Is it possible to have this setup with FileMaker Pro?

      2. Is it possible to add a macro/script to add the required records?

      3. Can I store note / memos as part of each student's assignment record?

      4. Will all of this work on FileMaker Go for the iPad?

      Thanks for your assistance.


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          Yes to all questions. FileMaker can do this. What we can't tell you is how successful you can do it with FileMaker. Given your programming experience, you should be able to get up to speed in FileMaker fairly successfully, provided you keep in mind that FileMaker does not use SQL to query a table. You'll have to learn how it's done in FilMaker.

          There's a demo version you can download and use for 30 days to get a feel for how FileMaker works.

          You can click the downloads link at the top of this screen and use it to find a PDF on how to design for FileMaker Go--which would be a good thing to read before you buy any software.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk.  I'll check out the Trial version and the PDF