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Student assignments and attendance

Question asked by ChrisStebbing on Mar 6, 2011
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Student assignments and attendance



I am wondering whether I can achieve the following with Filemaker Pro and have it work on the iPad version as well.  I usually program in Delphi and could program it to do this reasonably easily with Firebird or a number of other database structures.  

I am a teacher and I wish to keep track of student attendance, assignments and assessment.  I have a student table with details of all my students.  I have an assignments table with details of all my assignments for each class.  I have a class table which lists the members of each class.  I have contact with 201 students so I have to automate as much of this as possible.

I want to add a button or macro or script of some sort that adds a record to an "assessment" table for each student in the class.  These records are linked to each student so that I can enter comments and scores for each student's assignment.  These comments and scores are linked to the individual student.

I believe this is called a master/detail or one-to-many relationship.

So, my questions are this.

1. Is it possible to have this setup with FileMaker Pro?

2. Is it possible to add a macro/script to add the required records?

3. Can I store note / memos as part of each student's assignment record?

4. Will all of this work on FileMaker Go for the iPad?

Thanks for your assistance.