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Student Attendance layout - create records/toggle

Question asked by whardy7 on Mar 23, 2010
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Student Attendance layout - create records/toggle


I have an application dealing with creating attendance records for students.


I need to list all students in 1st grade in a layout. At the end of the row for each student I need a default "A" for absent.

Once I click that "A", I need to create a record in Attendance with that Student's ID#, as well as the date the user selected selected at the top. Then, I need the "A" to change to something else, say "P". If it already says "P" and they click on it, I need it to delete the Attendance record and change to "A".

I would rather not create a record if they were Absent.


The key to this is the interface working very fast. I want them to be able to arrow down and press something to toggle the field between "A" and "P", as well as create/delete the record.


I asked something awhile back about the toggle, but I don't think it applies now that I need to structure the tables to create Attendance records.


Any ideas?





EDIT: I figured out the toggle. What is the best way to create a record in the Attendance table?