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    Student data



      Student data


      I'm a 4th grade teacher in a small district.  Last year I had several spreadsheet with various student data: contact information, notes from speaking with parents, and the largest.. Behavior data. I kept track of student behavior for my building.  By the end of the year, I had over 10,000 behavior entries. So I want to do this on FileMaker. My questions: I was thinking three files: one for student data (names, id, contact numbers), one for teachers (name and what section they teach) and behavior.... Does that sound about right? On my current spreadsheet, I have behavior codes and teachers names as vlookup files.... Can I do this in file maker? Any help would be great. By the way... Self training with FileMaker via Lynda.com

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          I would recommend a table for notes, because it would be easier to track several notes through out the year.

          Student data with a relationship to notes

          Student data with a relationship to behavior data

          Student data with a relationship to teachers

          behavior data with a relationship to behavior codes

          table1   student data

          table2   behavior data

          table3   notes

          table4  teachers

          table5  behavior codes





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            That you, that's sort of the direction I was heading.. As for the student data... We keep track of health issues, if students are allowed to be photographed, etc.  should all student data say on one table or a table for medical, allowed to be photographed, etc
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              Allowed to be photographed would only take one field so it would be fine in the student data table.  Medical would depend on the number of items listed per student.  I would think it would be ok in the student data table also.  


              Why I recommend seperating the notes because I figured you may talk to the parents at least three or four times a year or more, so I would date and timestamp the notes incase a question comes up later about a previous meeting.   This would allow you to give more meanful / detailed notes per meeting. 

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                The medical data can be treated as a new realted table. Show it through a portal that you can place on a tab. Samething for parent information, etc

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                  All related information is show through portals.   The question about medical is if they are tracking medical issue or just tracking basic information about the student medical history, such as the student being allergic to bees or peanut butter or issues that can be summaried in a field.  Either method will work.  May not need  another table.

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                    This is starting to become clearer... I have the to do the relational training on Lynda.com.  One last newby question.. Once I create this data base.. Can it be viewed and updated through filemakergo on the iPad? The long term goal of this project ( with the help of grants) would be to have this on a server so every teacher can access and up date and access the data. Thanks again
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                      Yes you can update and access the database on a server with filemaker go.   

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                        Ok... Here is my issue(s)

                        1. I ceated several tables: (students, staff, and parents) (there is more but let me start with this)

                        2. I have another table called Emergency card. The other three tables are related to that card.

                        3. The goal is to have the emergency card viewed, with a drop down, so I can go from student to studnet, and the related parents and teachers move with that student.

                        4. Im stuck on here: How do I connect a first and last name on a dropdown list? 

                        5. Do I have to do seperate data entry for each student and parent? (some students have the same parents. I didn't want my parent list to have double entries. 

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                          How do I connect a first and last name on a dropdown list?

                          Connect by an ID number, not the name--they can be duplicated, they have weird spellings that make for easy data-entry errors and both student and parent names may change on you.

                          You can setup a cFullName calculation field that combines first and last names and use it as the secondary field in your value list so that you can select by name--but in a school situation, you may find that such a list is too long to be easy to work with. You thus may need to consider alternative approaches that use scripting so that you can do a name based selection, but duplicate names, etc can be handled by the script.

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                            That is good, I have to try that next. Thank you.