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Student DB with multiple classes

Question asked by dstoner121 on Sep 10, 2009
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Student DB with multiple classes


I will get to the point.  I have a Contact Table with student info, name, address, phone #s and classes enrolled in.  I have a Class Table which I want to use to show, class name, teacher and the students enrolled.  I want to type in the class name in the Class Table and pull up all the students enrolled in the class from the Contact Table info.  


 I am able to establish a relationship between class name in Contact Table and class name in Class Table and listing the students using a portal.  BUT... I can only get one class per student?????  I have define separate field names in Contact Table for each class they are taking....class name, class name2 etc...  but I can only establish one relationship between Contact and Class Table..class name.  Is there anyway I can do this, or can I modify the relationship with an OR.  example...  CONTACT TABLE.CLASS NAME = CLASS TABLE. CLASS OR CONTACT TABLE.CLASS NAME2 = CLASS TABLE.CLASS OR CONTACT TABLE.CLASS NAME3 = CLASS TABLE.CLASS NAME.


I hope this makes sense, I can not figure this out.  I am stumped.  Thank you in advanced for anyones help......