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Question asked by JimRoney on Aug 18, 2010
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Student Info, Faculty & Program  How to setup for drop down boxs?


I am setting up a Student Info database with Name Address etc with the Program the student is taking.

On the Student Information form I want to setup a drop-down box that has the Faculty list in it along with another drop-down box that has the Program in it. The student will pick from the Faculty list and then the program box should  include ONLY the programs in that faculty. I can't get this to work.

I have the following tables:

   Student table with Name, Address etc. and Program

   Faculty Table with Faculty Code and Faculty Name  eg. 1 Education, 2 Sciences etc

   Program Table with Faculty Code, and Program Description eg. 1 Honours Education, 2 Biochemistry, 2   Chemistry, etc

I have created  relationships:  Student table  Program to Program table Description and Faculty table faculty Code to Program table faculty code.

On the Student Info form the Faculty dropdown box has a value list from the Faculty Table. This displays properly. The Progam dropdown box has a value list from the Programs table. I can get this box to show all the programs but not only the ones from the specific faculty.

I'm using FM 10 Pro Advanced on a PC. I'm new to FM but have used other program languages.

The problem must be in my realtionships or Table occurances somewhere.

thanks in advance.