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    Student Register/Mark Book



      Student Register/Mark Book


      I have a working FMP9 database that I want to improve. My primary layout contains student details such as names, DOB. My second layout acts as an attendance register with date, present, absent, late and their totals through a portal onto my primary layout. What I can't get is to be able to enter the date once and for it to populate each student's record, leaving me to just mark present, absent...for each student.

      The same solution should work for my mark book, where I want the title, date set and date due for each piece of work to populate each student's record, leaving me to enter the mark only. 

      I'd be very grateful if someone could help smooth out this problem.


      Will this image help? I just tried using an auto-enter on creation field (probably didn't do it right), but came up with the same problem. Also, would this solution work for the 'Date Due' field in the mark book, as it's a date in the future?

      Auto-enter works for the Register, but not for the Mark Book.


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          You appear to have two tables with a portal from on to the other.

          Perhaps: Students::StudentID = Attendance::StudentID?

          Do you create a new record in this portal each time you mark attendance for a new day?

          If you are creating a new record in the portal each time, you can set up a field to auto-enter the creation date to automatically log the current date each time you log a student's attendance in this manner.

          But that assumes a design you may or may not have here...