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Students / Workshops Relationship and Layout Advice /Help

Question asked by Annette on May 15, 2014
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Students / Workshops Relationship and Layout Advice /Help



     I have the following tables: 

     1. Students:  Student ID, Name, Etc

     2. Workshops:  Workshop ID, Name,

     3. Student_Workshops:  Student ID, Workshop ID, Date, Location, Etc.

     Relationships are as follows: 

     1. Students::Student ID = Student_Workshops::Student ID

     2. Workshops::Workshop ID = Student_Workshops::Workshop ID

     Each student can attend multiple workshops, each multiple will have multiple students at it.

     I am trying to create a layout where I can enter workshop name (by dropdown referencing workshop table), date, location, other details then add multiple students to attend (using dropdown referencing active student names, unless there is a better way) all at once rather than adding the workshop one at a time for each student.  Is there an easy/better way to do this?  Have I dont the tables correctly to allow this? 

     Thank you in advance!!