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Students Enrolment in Class then Activities

Question asked by ShaikhAtta1238 on May 14, 2012
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Students Enrolment in Class then Activities


I am working out on a database to track the activities attended by students. This is how it works. 

First the student's profile is entered in a table named PROFILE then

Secondly the student is enrolled into the class (Class1, Class2, Class3 ....)

Now, we have activities like BasketBall, Football, Chess, Hockey and only some students are enrolled into these activities but I can't figure out how to enroll them into these activities. 

Will they be enrolled Classwise or Activitywise?...... I want them to be enrolled in the Activities  Classwise.

Like from class 1 we have 20 students out of which 5 are enroled in Hockey, 10 in Chess, 10 in Basketball and 12 in Football


Thanks in Advance