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           I have a layout which displays the contents of a table field (Park4::Park Name) in Browse mode but not in Preview.

           Other fields from the same table (Park4::Phone & Park4::Address Line 1)  show up on the layout in either mode.

           Your insight would be appreciated.



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               It appears that you have the Hide when printing checked on the Park4::Park Name.  On the inspector under the position tab, at the bottom under Oject visibility be sure that Hide when printing is not checked.

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                 I just verified that the The Hide When Printing checkbox is not checked.

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                   If the field is touching two different body parts, such as the header and the body, the field will also disappear. Make sure the field is touching one body part. Test by moving.

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                     Just for grins I copied the address field, which was displaying as expected, pasted it to another area of the layout and then changed the the copied field to Park Name but left the original Park Name field intact.

                     Well of course it worked!

                     Using the Inspector I couldn't find one difference between the attributes of Park Name or Address Line 1.

                     Go figure!


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                       Upon further inspection I discovered that when I had the top of the Park Name field set to Zero the field does not show up in Preview mode.

                       When I changed the top to 1 point, Park Name displays in Preview mode.

                       I've learned that a field can't be toughing more than on part but seems odd to me that a field can't be touching the top of the layout and display in Preview mode, but I'm only a hobbyist.


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                         Another point which I forgot to mention earlier is the layout contains only a body part which may be the reason for the behavior.

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                           What version of FileMaker are you using? I'd like to try to replicate this behavior.

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                             I'm using FMP 12 Advanced.

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                               Hmmm, just to rule out some possible issues. Go to this layout, enter layout mode and open "part setup...". See if a Header or other part is listed before the body layout part. Perhaps that part is present on your layout but only one pixel tall and thus not obviously visible when you look at the layout...

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                                 And two more questions:

                                 What Operating system and version of OS are you using?

                                 What thems is selected for your layout?

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                                   You were right!

                                   A 1 pixel header was present.

                                   I guess when I slid the base line, if that is what its called, I didn't collapse the header so as to cause it to be deleted, i.e., a height of zero.

                                   OS: Windows 7, Home Premium

                                   I don't use themes.


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                                     Every layout in FileMaker 12 uses a theme. That may be "classic" but it is still a theme.

                                     To delete a layout part, click it's label and press the delete key or use part setup... to delete it.

                                     But given the discovery of that 1 pixel tall header, I don't think we have to pursue this any further.