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Stumped - Portal contents disappears on new record creation...

Question asked by productionQC on Oct 7, 2013
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Stumped - Portal contents disappears on new record creation...


     Ok - I am stumped.  I can't make this work...

     The work flow...  I have 4 tables:  Builders, Customers, Job Tacking, and Work orders.  To understand the relationships, please see attached screen capture.  The user in the job department enters job into Job Tracking which is very straight forward.  Another user in the warranty department creates work orders.  When they click new file in the work order layout they are given a floating window in which they can select from a list of existing customers or they can select new in which they are directed to another floating window in which they can enter the new customer information.  Then they click confirm and a script assigns the customer to the current work order.  This whole process works very much the same as the FMP12 Starter Solution "Estimates".  

     We recently added the Job Tracking table to the database.   It has one layout with a portal (as you will see in the relationships) that is sorted by using a custom function used for a "Spotlight Filter"


     Case (
         WordCount ( string ) > 1 ;
             ExplodeToMultikey( LeftWords ( string ; WordCount ( string ) - 1 ) ) & "¶" & 
                 FieldBeginsWith ( string ) & "¶" ; 
             FieldBeginsWith ( string ) & "¶"
     This all works perfect and all is well.  We now want to tie in the Job Tracking to the new customer entry, where the warranty person can enter the new address in a "Spotlight Filter"  and have related addresses pull up in the portal in the exact same way that it does in Job Tracking.  So thus we created a portal setup in Customers exactly the same as the one in Job Tracking.  When viewing past records the portal populates itself as expected, but here is the...
     PROBLEM... The second you select "new record" the contents of the portal disappears.  At some point the relationship breaks.  I think it is because the "Customer" has not yet been assigned to the work order.  I make this inference because if you simply go to the customer layout it works perfect until you select new record.  I am at a loss as to how to make this work without breaking links all over the place...
     Any help would be greatly appreciated....