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Stumped about timesheet solution..

Question asked by AidenBarin6796 on Oct 6, 2011
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Stumped about timesheet solution..


Hi all,

I'm working on a database for my office. New to filemaker, somewhat familiar with SQL. I'm fairly confused and would appreciate any help.

We have employees that work on grants. Every month I have to do a report that analyzes how much time they spent on each project and evaluation how much difference there was between what we had in the payroll system and what they actually applied effort to. It's kind of tricky because grants have pro

My goal is a database solution where they can enter their time and have it calculate out the amounts for me. 

Right now I have the following tables:

AF, Grant, Salary, Employee, Project, Time, Monthly time.

My first problem has been getting the monthly time to sum up correctly per employee per project.

In Time I have timesheetId, employeeID, projectID, grantID, Hours, Date, Month.

In monthly time I have monthlytimeID, employeeID, Month, Amount, project

Right now I'm trying to calculate the amount per employee per month per project. In SQL it would be using select with where clauses but I'm totally unsure of how filemakers calculations work where specificing fields to sum. I've read a lot of posts and am confused. It seems that I need to use table occurances but those don't seem to work. I also tried using global fields mentioned in another solution but it didn't pan out.


Sorry if this is a stupid question but it's been boggling my mind, I can do a filemaker advance database summary if thats helpful

Thanks for your help