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    Stumped with Portals



      Stumped with Portals


      Hi there, 


      Ok I have a Application table that I fill out every day with certain data for pesticide applications at a greenhouse.  Each field has related fields in other tables (Applicators Table and Control Agent Table).  I created a Summary layout for printing based off the main Application table, and entered some portals as well to bring in related information into the layout from the other 2 tables....


      Everything works fine for stuff like entering "Name" in the Application table brings in Phone Number, Address; License # etc etc into the layout from the Applicator Table.  The problem however is when I enter more than one pesticide into the Application table.  Each pesticide has a EPA# associated with it in the Control Agent table.  I have the EPA number set up as a portal in the Summary layout, and if I have more than one pesticide record, it only shows the EPA# for the first one, not the second. However both pesticides show up in the Summary Layout. It's just that only one has a EPA # associated with it.  If I only enter one pesticide it isn't a problem, it matches up fine.  


      I have the pesticides set up as check boxes on the main application table.  


      Is there a way to bring in BOTH EPA#'s from the Control Agent table if I have multiple entries?  I am stumped.  I think its something with the portal setup but I may be wrong.


      The only thing I can think of is to have Pesticide 1, EPA # 1, Pesticide 2 and EPA # 2 in the Control Agent table.  That seems really redundant though if the data will be the exact same.  That can't be the answer. 



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          Ok, so I'm guessing you have the main layout where you input all this data?


          Application is the layout I presume?


          I suggest you make an inner-table relationship - eg: Link ApplicationLayout:Name with ApplicationLayout:Name - so then you have a new table - ApplicationLayout2


          Create a portal from ApplicationLayout2 listing the items you want to appear.


          Now, I also assume you have relationships set between the ApplicationLayout:EPA ID and your agent table?


          So then you can input the field necessary on your portal to display this information.




          So far you have now created a portal listing all the EPA's of this specific person and it should show all EPA's under his name, because the relationship you have created is by the "Name" field.


          If it doesn't work, then I suggest creating an inner-relationship using the person's ID incase you have more than one person with that surname, etc.


          I think this is what you are trying to do. If not, give me some more information and we can go on.



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            Check your messages.  Thanks 

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              Ok after looking through the information on your database, it seems that the link was incorrect.


              You had connected 2 ID's together instead of the field you wanted the relationship with.


              Remember a portal will only display direct information if the field you have is in relation to the table you want to display this information.


              Good luck with your Greenhouse Project :)