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Stumped with Portals

Question asked by JDenault on Apr 27, 2009
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Stumped with Portals


Hi there, 


Ok I have a Application table that I fill out every day with certain data for pesticide applications at a greenhouse.  Each field has related fields in other tables (Applicators Table and Control Agent Table).  I created a Summary layout for printing based off the main Application table, and entered some portals as well to bring in related information into the layout from the other 2 tables....


Everything works fine for stuff like entering "Name" in the Application table brings in Phone Number, Address; License # etc etc into the layout from the Applicator Table.  The problem however is when I enter more than one pesticide into the Application table.  Each pesticide has a EPA# associated with it in the Control Agent table.  I have the EPA number set up as a portal in the Summary layout, and if I have more than one pesticide record, it only shows the EPA# for the first one, not the second. However both pesticides show up in the Summary Layout. It's just that only one has a EPA # associated with it.  If I only enter one pesticide it isn't a problem, it matches up fine.  


I have the pesticides set up as check boxes on the main application table.  


Is there a way to bring in BOTH EPA#'s from the Control Agent table if I have multiple entries?  I am stumped.  I think its something with the portal setup but I may be wrong.


The only thing I can think of is to have Pesticide 1, EPA # 1, Pesticide 2 and EPA # 2 in the Control Agent table.  That seems really redundant though if the data will be the exact same.  That can't be the answer.