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    Sub catergories...NEW USER



      Sub catergories...NEW USER


      My dad got me FileMaker Pro 11 to make a database for him...

      He wanted to make a program which entailed his clients, however i'm unable to understand how to create subcatergories on a drop-down menu on this program

      this is a brief  example:

      human resource-

                            L ---- HR assistant



      Thanks in Adv. for the help.

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          Subcategories as in a sub menu that pops out with more choices? That's not a possibility with current FileMaker. You can set up conditional value lists where the choice you make in one field limits the values listed in the next field's drop down.

          Thus, you can select "Engineer" in one field and then the next field lists: Civil, Structural.... Select "Office" in it instead and now the next field lists Secretary, IT, Office Manager....