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Sub records, or child database?  iPad solution for QC checklist

Question asked by TimWatson on Feb 24, 2011
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Sub records, or child database?  iPad solution for QC checklist


I'm wondering if anyone can help me think through a solution.

Basically I need an iPad solution in our warehouse for checking quality control on products that we bring in via freight containers.  Each container has a PO# which I would like to be a record in a parent database.  On each PO, there are about 50 seperate item UPC's that we will be checking quality control for.  I need each of these items to be a record as well, but as a sub-record of the PO that it is a part of. I think...does that make sense?  Or am I thinking incorrectly?

So first, we would browse (or search) the master database for the PO# that the inspector would be checking-in product for.  Then, once the PO is pulled up, the inspector would be able to scroll through the individual records of products that were on that container.  For each record, there will be a full page of "quality control" checklist items that the inspector will go through and click on and make notes about.  Then scroll to the next record (product) and repeat the form for this next product.

The goal is that we would be able to view QC issues per item on a specific container.  And browse specific containers for all of the QC issues that were present on that container.  Also, we would like to be able to enter an item number and see which containers this product was on, and get to the QC notes that way.

Any ideas on how should I set this database up?  For each container that arrives, we have a CSV file with all of the products on it, that we can use for importing the records for that particular PO.  We will do this import for every new container.

Currently on a trial version of FMP11, and trying to create a solution during this time to sell my supervisor's on buying the software.