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    Sub serial number.



      Sub serial number.


      Dear fellows!!

      Always appreciate your valuable hints and help. Thanks in advance

      I made a table to entry the raw material to my stock

      So if i have 5 different colors for the same material, I have to make one record to each one because they have their own in-and-out values.

      I'd like to know if there is any way to unify the serial number by material and create a sub-serial key to the colors.

      I have thought to make them in different fields, but once the primary key must be a unique value I got stucked



      How i do today:

      LINNEN WHITE - __pkMaterialID: 154

      LINNEN BLUE- __pkMaterialID: 155

      LINNEN GREY - __pkMaterialID: 156

      LINNEN RED - __pkMaterialID: 157

      LINNEN BROWN - __pkMaterialID: 158


      How I'd like to be:

      LINNEN WHITE - __pkMaterialID: 154-1

      LINNEN BLUE- __pkMaterialID: 154-2

      LINNEN GREY - __pkMaterialID: 154-3

      LINNEN RED - __pkMaterialID: 154-4

      LINNEN BROWN - __pkMaterialID: 154-5


      Best regards


      Wilson Park