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Sub Summaries error

Question asked by on May 8, 2010
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Sub Summaries error


It appears that you cannot get a negative number in some cases when subtracting one sub summary from another.


I created summary fields (Total) for two different fields.  When there are no values in one of the set of fields the summary does not display zero regardless of how you format the field with decimals.  The worse problem is when using the getsummary(field;break) calculation.  If a sort and series of fields evaluates to a positive number you can use it to add or subtract.  If there are no values in the current sub-summary field and therefore the summary field is blank you cannot use it to calculate.


If FieldA is a summary field that evaluates to 125 for a particular summary.

And FieldB has no values in the fields and therefore displays a blank.


You cannot use getsummary(FieldB;break) - getsummary(FieldA;break) and get the correct value of  "-125".


Is this a limitation of Filemaker? A bug? A......?