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Sub Summaries for Gender

Question asked by Woodzie on May 14, 2010
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Sub Summaries for Gender



I have run into a difficulty in reporting the number of police officers by gender on each peacekeeping mission. I'm working with three related tables Personnel Records (holds gender info) , a Missions Table (holds mission info) and Experience (join table holding relative experience info)


I cannot seem to be able to count officers listed as female / male in sub summaries.


Ideally, the report will  look like this


AMISOM                **This is my first sub summary by Mission Acronym** No problem.

Male: 1                  **This is my second summary by male. I've tried several pieces of code for doing this...none have worked latest is

Female: 3  <<male>> <count of people>>** -- male code is ValueCount ( FilterValues ( List ( Gender ) ; "Male" ) )

Total: 4



Male: 4

Female: 3

Total: 7


Grand Total: 11


I know I'm  missing something but I can't figure it out...probably simple as I haven't located the solution on the forums. Thanks in advance for the help