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Sub Summary based on Subset of Parent Records

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 27, 2014
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Sub Summary based on Subset of Parent Records


     The partial screenshot below is from a layout (Ranking of Issues) showing records from Join_Issues_Assigned which is related to Surveys.

     The calculation in columns 2 (Count) and 4 (% of Surveys...) are incorrect.

     This report was created by searching Surveys containing a value of "1" in the field "PrimeMarkets" . 310 records out of 540 meet this criteria.

     In that subset of 310 records, 90 surveys have been tagged with "Complex" in the field Issues Mentioned" in table Join_Issues_Mentioned.

     The calculation in column 4 should show 29.03% (90/310)

     Instead, it is showing 32.26% - the result of dividing all of the records with Complex in field "Issues Mentioned" by 310 - the correct subset. 

     Column 2 (Count) is a Summary field, based on a calculation field Count > Issues Mentioned in table Join_Issues_Mentioned.

     So - what do I need to do to get the Count field to calculate each of the issues on the subset of records found in Surveys?

     Do I need a new table occurrence and if so, what would that relationship look like?