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Sub summary breaking across pages

Question asked by Sunny1 on Jul 18, 2011
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Sub summary breaking across pages


I have FileMakerPro 11 and creating a report with a sub summary field.  I want to either have the sub summary field end before it's detail prints on one page and finishes on another or have the Field print on both pages.  For Example:  School District 1 is the sub summary field.  It has 15 records in the body but on the report, it can only fit 10 records so 5 records print at the top of the next page with no field name designating them as School District1.  I want it to not print School District 1 info until the second page or print the Field name "School District 1" to print in both places.  In ACCESS, you can make a field print in both places or page break it before it splits itself.  I have tried all the commands under Part Definition with no luck.  There must be a way and I just can't figure it out.