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    Sub summary breaking across pages



      Sub summary breaking across pages


      I have FileMakerPro 11 and creating a report with a sub summary field.  I want to either have the sub summary field end before it's detail prints on one page and finishes on another or have the Field print on both pages.  For Example:  School District 1 is the sub summary field.  It has 15 records in the body but on the report, it can only fit 10 records so 5 records print at the top of the next page with no field name designating them as School District1.  I want it to not print School District 1 info until the second page or print the Field name "School District 1" to print in both places.  In ACCESS, you can make a field print in both places or page break it before it splits itself.  I have tried all the commands under Part Definition with no luck.  There must be a way and I just can't figure it out.


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          A brute force solution that probably won't work for you is to specify a page break before every occurrence of the sub summary part. That starts every sub heading at the top of the next page, but won't deal with cases where the group of records under still exceeds one page and can leave a lot of wasted space in your report if a lot of your groups are just a few records long.

          If there isn't any sliding enabled to produce fields of variable height, it is possible to calculate the number of records and sub summary parts that will fit on your page. It's not simple, but with that data it may be possible to add an additional sub summary part to appear after the page break. The trick is to manage successfully so that you don't get the sub heading twice if the page break and the end of the next record group naturally coincide.